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Going Green Without Sinking into the Red

Most Caribbean countries are famous for their sun, sand and warm sea breezes. Far fewer are known for their wide use of solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy. It is one of the failings of the region, which[...]

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Jaua Encourages Productive Economic Zone in Jamaica

The Minister of Popular Power for Foreign Affairs, Elias Jaua, confirmed yesterday that the main objective of his visit to the Republic of Jamaica is to strengthen the momentum of complementary economic zone that allows closer ties of cooperation between[...]

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PM challenges manufacturers as Expo 2014 opens

JAMAICAN manufacturers have been urged to re-energise the sector and start exporting more to help move the economy forward. “We need more manufacturers to start exporting again. No economy can grow and prosper without a robust and active export sector,”[...]

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Venezuela and Jamaica Ratify Economic Engagement, PetroCaribe

Secretary of TCP ALBA and president of PDV Caribe, SA, Bernardo Alvarez, said Wednesday a working meeting with the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Portia Simpson, which ratified the strong commitment of both nations to deepen economic relationship through the compensation[...]

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